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Laura Price founded Blossomy in 2004 when she traveled to India as a volunteer for a community development project in Kolkata. She found a placement with the Sanlaap, an organization that provided shelter to girls and women who were the victims of sex trafficking.

Arriving with only a laptop, Laura hoped to teach basic computer skills but teaching basic computer skills to individuals who did not speak English nor had much experience with technology proved to be very challenging.  In the beginning, the class was more about teaching the ABC's rather than teaching  computer skills and it seemed a natural conclusion that the training should focus on touch typing. This was a very useful skill and gave the students a way of navigating language both on the computer as well as in conversation.

The computer class began with 10 girls and eventually led to the building of an independent computer training school for the shelter home. And in time, Laura partnered with a local NGO in Kolkata who would take the program to the next level to accommodate the amount of students as well as the computer competency. Other than the computer class, Laura was planning many different events and activities for the girls which were just about fun. Laura believed that this was equally as important as the many vocational and educational programs that many of the NGOs were offering but didn't have the funds to offer. 

Blossomy's first project was organizing a private concert at the shelter home with a very popular rock band to perform a private concert. She took the entire Sanlaap home and all it's staff for a day at the m
ovies, some of which had never been to a cinema hall. Blossomy also took a group of girls to study yoga with her longtime Iyengar teachers in Dehradun.

Over the years, Blossomy has partnered with others who have donated not only their skills, talent and money but also their celebrity. 

In 2005, Blossomy was approached by Tanmoy Bose, a world renown musician and together they created the Restoration of Innocence Project.

Blossomy and Tanmoy Bose have been collaborating ever since that first meeting using music, dance, theater and other expressive arts to heal the wounds of human trafficking.

Recently the American Center Kolkata has joined hands with Blossomy  in support of this and other programs!


Blossomy offers expressive arts workshops to survivors of human trafficking with the intention of building self esteem through self expression. Our programs support a cross-collaborative NGO platform to promote community building through creative interaction. Blossomy invites artists both locally and internationally to teach workshops and to inspire the participants through the healing power of the arts.